Corporate Responsibility

CCP will always act responsibly within the context in which it operates at all level throughout the business. Its commitment to BES6001, the code for responsible sourcing provides evidence to a wider audience of the commitment.


CCP takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and is accredited with the Environmental Management System ISO14001. The company is also a founder signatory of the British Precast Sustainability Charter, and one of the first companies in the UK to be accredited with BES6001, the Code for Responsible Sourcing, achieving a “Very Good” status across its entire product range.

The company minimises its environmental footprint by sourcing at least 80% secondary content in its overall concrete production.

Furthermore, by choosing a precast concrete solution, the proliferation of waste and the risk of contamination are greatly reduced. Customers can take advantage of the material’s inherent thermal mass which when used within the internal fabric of a building acts as a dampening mechanism for the external temperature and hence reduces energy demand from heating and cooling.



CCP is accredited with the Quality Management System ISO9001. Its processes cover all aspects of the product cycle from initial enquiry through to delivery of goods.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is of primary importance to all businesses and their employees. CCP is committed to ensuring compliance with all legal frameworks and in addition has signed up to Concrete Targets 2015 ( A British Precast initiative) which calls for a 50% reduction in all accidents from a baseline of 2010, as well as the expectation of "zero harm" to all.