Twin Wall

CCP's twin wall unit (sometimes known as double wall) comprises of two precast panels joined together using steel lattice girders. These panels are manufactured to an extremely high standard in its state of the art factory. Units are also comparatively light as the two skins (typically 60mm) are separated by a cavity.

When being installed on site, each unit is temporarily propped and additional steel is used to connect adjacent double walls or half floor units prior to concreting. Once the concrete has cured, a single monolithic element is created.

Double Wall has numerous advantages over other construction methods such as speed of erection and reducing programme times, superior finish, dimensional tolerance and of course, is not dependent on the weather.

With correct design, passive solar gain can return the structure to carbon neutral in comparison with timber in just over ten years. With the thermal mass properties of concrete, the risk of overheating in summer is greatly reduced eliminating the need to fit air conditioning. Couple these facts together with the advantages of CCP’s Thermowall Insulated Sandwich Panel System and one can see that not only is it possible to cut a swathe through maintenance costs, but it is also possible to do likewise with daily running costs.

Advantages of Twin Wall Construction:

  • Considerable savings on main contract programme and preliminary costs such as scaffolding

  • Factory controlled conditions ensure accuracy and quality

  • Greatly reduced labour on site

  • Excellent acoustic characteristics

  • Excellent fire resistance, Class 0, BS8110:Part 2 or to  Eurocode 2 Part 1-2

  • Immediate cosmetic finish, decor can be applied to both faces as soon as the building is watertight

  • Environmentally friendly - minimal of waste on site

  • System can be used for modular construction enabling buildings to be erected quickly

Common uses for Twin Walls:

  • Shear walls

  • Staircore and lift shaft walls

  • Retaining walls

  • Permanent concrete formwork

  • Basement construction

  • Crosswall construction